PICCPerfect PICC Line Covers

Antimicrobial. Moisture-wicking. Smart Design.

Wellness You Can Wear

Stylish everyday essentials that allow easy access for care

Introducing The Mighty Wrap


The mission of Mighty Well is to help patients and their caregivers turn sickness into strength. We are leading the global charge that changes the perception of patients from victims to fighters.

We do this by improving the experience of being a patient. We create the products we wish we’d had: functional and stylish apparel and accessories that you can wear with confidence - and content that can help you get through the good times and the bad.

We have created Wellness you can wear.

Stay tuned for updates on the arrival of our new Wearable Wellness collection.

Our Story

But don’t take our word for it,

"I don't feel I have to hide anymore!"

- Molly Luthiger

"Since then, I had used different covers, including funky looking socks! When I used the PICCPerfect cover, it was the most comfortable and user friendly, it even works as a cover up while infusing!"

- Soma Dinicola

"Thanks to Mighty Well for my awesome PICC cover. It's a comfort knowing my PICC will be protected when my son gets a little bigger."

- Andie A.

"It's convenient. It doesn't get all scroungy like the hospital mesh ones. It was a great idea. I truly love it."

- Nicole Mazitelli

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