Our Story

Tragedy Into Triumph

Mighty Well™ was born of necessity…mine!

During my sophomore year of college, I was diagnosed with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. When I had my first PICC line put in, I was told to protect it by wearing a cut-off sock, sleeve-like, on my arm. I’m sorry…what? A sock? On my arm? In public? Like…on dates? A SOCK?! And I wondered: How was this ever going to fit into the carefree, collegiate lifestyle I’d imagined for myself? How could I be me this way? What had I become? And how would I possibly flirt with that adorable hockey player in my 8 am finance class?!

As soon as I had that sock on my arm, I saw the irony: Intended to protect and conceal this critical piece of my treatment, instead it fixated on my illness and disregarded what was left of my wellness. It silently urged me to define myself as sick, and tempted me to hide instead of getting out there and doing the things that made me feel like me, the things that make a life. Like flirting with that adorable hockey player!

In those days PICC nurses had little else to offer, so I became obsessed with finding a solution that looked and felt fabulous and wouldn’t come between me and my lifestyle. Thus the PICCPerfect® PICC line protector was born — but we quickly realized we could improve so many more lives by creating additional products designed around the same set of values. So today, we are Mighty Well™ — a growing line of medical accessories that put strength, confidence, and mobility back into the toolkit for spoonies and anyone else coping with a health setback.

It’s simple: Our dreams and ambitions are just as big as they were before our diagnoses. And if we’re going to conquer the world we need uncompromising style and comfort — and the power to do treatments easily, discreetly, and on the fly. Nothing powers physical healing like feeling like you, so get out there and do your thing. You are not a diagnosis — you’re Mighty Well™!

Here’s to your health,

Emily Levy

CEO and Co-founder, Professional Patient, and all around Boss Lady


The Mighty Well Dream Team

We are a dedicated group of young professionals passionate about Mighty Well’s mission to add confidence to the lives of chronic illness patients through medical accessories that bring comfort and mobility to patients.

Emily Levy: CEO & Co-Founder

I am a recent graduate of Babson College, Class of 2016, with a concentration in Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design (TED). I am a passionate about advocating the patient perspective for chronic illness patients and women’s entrepreneurial leadership. I suffer from Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease and Co-Infections. Even with the challenges of chronic illness I have been able to turn my negative diagnosis into a positive by creating Mighty Well (formerly PICCPerfect), a social for-profit business that creates stylish and functional medical accessories for patients. I don't want to just be well, I want to #LiveMightyWell! Say hi at emily@mighty-well.com
Emily is obsessed with: traveling the globe, iced coffee, and gluten free cooking.
Hometown: Jamestown, Rhode Island.

PICC line

Yousef Al-Humaidhi: CFO, CTO & Co-Founder

I am a recent graduate of Babson College, Class of 2015, with concentrations in entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting. I have seen how chronic illness can affect loved ones, and I am motivated by seeing how our products can help the healing process-- mentally and physically. In my free time, you can find me working on cars, building computers, or analyzing the next financial trend. Say hi in English or Arabic at yousef@mighty-well.com
Yousef is Obsessed with: cars, computers, video games, and the stock market.
Hometown: Kuwait City, Kuwait.

PICC line

María Del Mar Gómez: Market Research Analyst

I am a recent graduate of Babson College, Class of 2016, with concentrations in TED and environmental sustainability. I want to put a smile on every spoonies face and let them know that they are not alone in their fight towards health. I try to learn as much as possible how to enhance the patient experience in the journey towards recovery. I am passionate about helping patients look and feel their best while undergoing treatment. Say hi in English or Spanish at maria@mighty-well.com :)
Maria is Obsessed with: dancing salsa, listening to NPR, and fitness.
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.