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Great product

Thank you for a great product. This is my first PICC line in my battle against Lyme disease and this cover is the best. I have such anxiety over this and this helps.

Thank you for your kind words Jennifer - we are happy to hear that!

I have tried a few PICC line covers but NOTHING comes close to comfort and security provided with the PICCPerfect PICC Line Covers! I'm so glad to have been connected with and to have heard of Mighty Well through the Dean Center. So awesome that You (Emily) have been able to help SO MANY with this incredible design. Hope you're doing well with your treatments as well.

Thank you Tommy for the kind words!
Awesome Company

I recently had to have my first PICC line done and worried about covering it. Mighty Well was extremely helpful and delivered the cover quickly. I'm glad I found the website as it has helped protect/cover up the line. Thank you so much. I have been giving the website out to my doctor's offices.


Purchase and delivery was easy and timely. Thabk you so much.

Great Product

These covers are wonderful. Material is excellent. Keeps a PICC line secure. Great customer service.
Only drawback for me is my incision site is down LOW near the bend of my elbow. I need a longer cover. I hope Mighty-Well will consider creating one that covers the elbow giving me more room. Other than that I can still use it.


Super cute and functional!

Unbelievable Designer Cover

Beautiful and functional. These covers have great color and pattern options to go with any outfit.

Perfect for IV's!

I've been looking for a warm jacket I can wear for IV's for two years, but nothing has worked until the Mighty Wrap. This product is perfect because the sleeves are nice and wide so I can pull them up to access the injection site at my elbow, then easily slide it back down to cover my entire arm. Since my infusions are room-temperature or cooler, I get cold easily, but the Mighty Wrap keeps me cozy and comfortable. It's like a wearable hug! The deep pockets are also great for storing snacks, water, and anything else I need easy access to while my mobility is limited.

No sliding down my arm or falling off.

This is the first time in my life that I have had to have a picc line. It only took a few days for me to realize how much I disliked the covers sent by the infusion people. I instantly went looking for something better and found Mighty Well. I ordered my first cover and just love it! It keeps my line in place and it stays in place. No sliding down my arm or falling off. I love it so much that I ordered a second one. It's easy to use and works!

I had a blast with you all!

I LOVE it! And I had a blast with you all! With Lyme, the little things we can control, and make easier day to day, really do help when those tough days hit — not worrying about covering my arm and being able to easily do infusions on the go, and not having to constantly pull up some silly sock or bandage — just another thing off my plate so I can focus on healing.

Best PICC line cover!

This is the best PICC cover I’ve tried! Protecting your skin from being cut up from the tubing is amazing, plus the fabric is comfortable and the cover stays in place. You don’t need to worry about it at all and almost forget you’re wearing it.

Fabulous Product

Stylish and functional, lends dignity to trying times with a great color and pattern selection.

Warm and Versatile

I am always cold and need to keep warm to protect my hands and feet. I have severe Raynaud's and lose circulation in my fingers and toes. The pockets are deep and warm. Awesome.

Mom's Gift

I bought my Mom this wrap for Christmas as she is a nurse and needs a more functional piece for the hospital! She could not be more excited to have medical apparel where function and style are combined so perfectly.

Fast service, well made

Received two PICC covers within 6 days of placing order, despite it being over Christmas holidays. They are well made and fit great. If you're near the upper limit of one size, order the next size up- they're snug.


My PICC Perfect is the perfect protective cover for my PICC line. It stays put better than any product I have tried, and provides ideal protection. Great job!

Undefeated Review

Love the material and logo. It fits me a little tight around the shoulders. It's a tad bit long, but that's just personal preference. Contemplated returning for a medium, but not sure if it will be too big.

Loving it!

I am the proud owner of several picc line covers in different colors. The nurses an patient at MD Anderson cancer Center love them and want to know where to get them. Thank hank You Emily.

Lightweight, yet incredibly warm jacket is the absolute best.

The products, like the mighty well wrap, are ones I would gift to all my friends! For a girl who is always cold, this lightweight, yet incredibly warm jacket is the absolute best. The chronic illness community needs a positive brand and company like Mighty Well. What they stand for and represent, turning sickness into strength, thats what we (as patients) need to remember more.

The PICC'd Up Gift Box

The PICC'd Up Gift Box

The PICC'd Up Gift Box
Perfect gift for our daughter!

My daughter needed a PICC Cover, and Mighty Well sells them together with the Gift Box, so it was an easy way to send my daughter something that would make her smile and be practical for her day to day, work, etc. I'm glad there are still companies that send hand-written notes!

Buy it.

i measured my arm at 12.5 inches around and was in between sizes. I choose the larger size, but it did stretch slightly so i am pulling it up through out the day. I wish I chose the smaller size. Overall, its comfortable and I am pleased with the purchase. I am hoping to have PICC line for only couple more weeks, so I can live with it, but if this was a long term situation, i would want to order the smaller size. Great customer service, fast delivery. I've recommended to other patients in the treatment room. Thanks

PICC line cover (black) - overall very good

First, the customer service is excellent. I contacted Mighty Well via Etsy to inquire if they had any plain black PICC covers, as I didn't see any listed and didn't see that they had a website during my initial search. They replied quickly, advised on sizing, and I ordered one. I live close so it was here within 2 days, which was great! Now, going into this I know the sizing would be a problem, as I'm a very petite adult who often straddles the line between a larger kids size and the smallest adult size. That was exactly the case here, I ordered the "D" size and it's a bit too long and a bit too large and slides down, so I don't wear it as much as I would like to. (I did wait to order so swelling after the procedure wouldn't be a factor, please make sure you take that into consideration as well!) The fabric and sewing are top quality; I have extremely sensitive skin and this doesn't make me itch or cause a rash. That in itself is a miracle! My suggestion would be to provide a length measurement from top to where it folds over and where the line openings are from the ends, I think it would help with making sizing decisions for those who are in between. In all, I would absolutely purchase another one and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

A MUST have item for folks with picc lines!

Before your product, my husband was housebound due to his fear of dislodging his picc line. His newfound freedom has helped all of us enjoy fresh air and fun activities. AND he looks like a basketball star:)

best cover out there

This is my second PICCperfect cover - I was so impressed with the first that I had to have another. It's the best cover out there, the design protects my skin from constantly being rubbed or chafed by the picc line. It folds the line neatly out of the way, and stays in place all day. I've recommended it to my doctor and home nurse and to everyone else that will listen!

So happy!

My shirt is great! I am beyond happy and pleased with my purchase. I did find the shirt ran a little small, so I'm glad I ordered up in size.

Great item

I love the cover... Now that the swelling has gone down I need to order a smaller size. Much better than the mesh from the hospital....

Good quality

I ordered it to my arm measurements but it's not very stretchy so it's a little tight. Also with the placement of my picc line, I need a longer sleeve so unfortunately it does not work for me. It's cute though and well made! My daughter uses it for her excema on her arms and it's nice and smooth and non irritating. I think you could definitely branch out to excema sleeves for kids.

Great shirt!

Love the design and statement! Material is soft and stretchy--great for days when my fibromyalgia acts up. It reminds me to stay strong when I'm feeling my worst. A great buy!

Picc line

This is the best so far as whats on the market i love it
The only thing i would change is adding another hole at the top right beside so if you have an extention you could run the line in the hole and out the other that way the extension when you pull up the cover would be inside and not on the skin

Effortless Wear!

This shirt has become a daily staple in my closet. Not only is the fabric so comfortable for long-wear, but it's simple and bold design makes a statement on its own. I've had multiple friends comment on my shirt, to which I've explained that "undefeated" means being true to myself and others, regardless of challenges that stand in my way. It's a great reminder for every start of the day to know I'm "undefeated!"

No other PICC cover I have found has everything I need!

The customer service responded promptly and was well above the standard of service! They answered all my questions and helped me figure out what shipping and size to choose when I was unsure. Once it arrives I will not hesitate to order more, no other PICC cover I have found has everything I need!


I love this. I was struggling to find something to cover my pick line, this is perfect. I bought a black and off white one. Thank you!

PICC Me Up Bundle
PICC Perfect!!

These are terrific. Good assortment of colors and materials. They wash beautifully and they make you feel confident and attractive!!
PS: love that they are Made in the USA.


This shirt perfectly represents my outlook on life and battling life's challenges while remaining undefeated! I feel empowered every time I wear this shirt and love what it stands for. The material is also very soft and comfortable to wear. Thanks MightyWell!

I would recommend this cover to anyone with a PICC or midline catheter.

I currently have a midline catheter in my arm, not an actual PICC. The midline is very similar to a PICC, except that the line in my vein only goes as far as my armpit, and not all the way to my heart. I had been using PICC covers which I had from a prior PICC, but I found that due to the location of the midline insertion - which is in my elbow - the PICC cover did not cover my line well enough. The PICCPerfect cover works great. It allows me to fully cover the midline, keep the leads contained, and it looks like I am wearing an elbow wrap/support. It is also very comfortable to wear. I would recommend this cover to anyone with a PICC or midline catheter.


I bought this #undefeated baseball hat because everyday I try to live my life undefeated. I was born with a blood tumor underneath my left eye and I wanted to have a reminder to live life Undefeated every day!

Love the hat!

This has quickly become one of my favorite hats. It's lightweight, the embroidery is high quality and it advertises my favorite company!

A great gift for someone you care about

It's a small gesture but it means a lot to support someone you know who is struggling with an illness and needs a pick me up. Let's stay undefeated and keep pushing forward.

Must-Have Accessory!

Bought for my friend who's battling cancer. I'm very impressed with the quality and style of the hat. It's the perfect accessory for anyone who embodies the undefeated spirit! I went back to buy another just for me!

I feel #undefeated with my new hat!

My Undefeated hat definitely speaks to how I feel after everything I have been through with my health and my personal life - for me, this is my everyday accessory and a badge of honor!

PICC Me Up Bundle
Comfortable and Cute!

I love how comfortable and soft these covers are! And all of my nurses comment how cute they look. Some even had to take a second to relize that it was where my picc line was :laughing:. The customer service was amazing! They answered all my questions and allowed me to pick the 7 colors I wanted. I know I'll definitely be getting more of these in the future with my chronic illness.


By far the best picc line covers ever! This is the 5th one I have purchased (I mean, a girl needs options) and it did not disappoint. The quality is top notch and always consistent. Love it!


This is the second time I have ordered from this company, and I am just as pleased as I was the first time. Soft fabric in a cute pattern that also helps keep my picc in place and clean, what more can you ask for?!!

PICC Me Up: Do Me A Solid

I love the Do Me a Solid pack! I loved all the colors and couldn't decide which one to get, so the discounted price was a great incentive to buy all 3 at once. It was definitely worth it.
The only time I take my PiccPerfect off is for dressing changes! My favorite part about the covers is being able to infuse in public without my insertion site showing, especially since I infuse during class. Thank you Mighty Well!

The Best PICC covers I've come across!

I've had four PICCS so far, and these PICC covers are the most comfortable, fashionable, and amazing quality out of all that I have used before.
The do a fantastic job of making the dresses last a week before the dressing change. With this cover, it keeps the edges of the dressing stuck down, so they don't gradually pull up.
I have a double lumen PICC, which an extension on one lumen. With this dressing I can tuck the extension in very comfortable, so it isn't dangling.

I couldn't talk better about these PICC covers, they're absolutely amazing and I suggest everyone purchases one!

Absolutely superb product and equally if not better customer service.

Absolutely superb product and equally if not better customer service. If you are unsure about buying this product don't be. The minute you put it on your arm you will love it. I will definitely be recommending this product to everyone I can especially my local hospital for sure. Thanks Mighty Well!!!!!!!!

I'm PICCPerfect!

The name of this product says it all: PICCPerfect. These PICC line covers truly live up to their name. Not only are they beautiful, but the fabric is extremely comfortable and they actually protect your PICC line - which is of utmost importance. Convenient way to access your line for infusions without having to remove it and fits well under long-sleeved clothing too! If you have a PICC line, PICCPerfect is a must!

Doctors say I'm the Illest

I absolutely love this tee-shirt! If you're a professional patient - this needs to be part of your wardrobe! Trust me, you'll feel like a boss every time you put it on - I know I do!

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